The first phase of the installation of attractions began in Dream Island Park

07 Feb 2018

The first phase of the installation of attractions began in Dream Island park, it includes the installation of ultra-reliable individual foundations for each of the 29 objects. The work will last 120 days. During this period of time 4 645 piles length of 70 km will be used, it will be unique and innovation technical work in its scope. The production of attractions has already begun, the firsts of them will be brought in Moscow this spring. 

The laboriousness of the installation of foundations for attractions is associated with the peculiarities of the soil in the Nagatinskaya flood plain where the Dream Island Park is located and the different magnitude of dynamic loads from attractions. As part of the foundation of the thematic zone, an unprecedented scale work will be carried out to install 6,800 reinforced concrete piles, 2 155 of which have already been installed. The remaining 4 645 piles will be installed for 29 rides. 

All the foundations for them were developed individually for each object to distribute the load from the rides and give maximum reliability. Modern software complexes were applied for calculating complex pile foundations , all design and design solutions were verified by specialists from Gersevanov research, design and exploration and design and technology institute of foundations and underground structures - the largest in Russia and widely known in the world specialized institute in the field of foundations and underground constructions.

The most reliable and modern method of installing piles has been chosen, in which there are no shock dynamic loads associated with the operation of machinery for the installation of foundations for attractions.

Heavy reinforced concrete piles with a large cross section from 13 to 20 meters in length with an average load of 160 tons will be used to ensure the bearing capacity of foundations and the safe operation of attractions in the dynamic loads regime. Piles will be made of special concrete, able to withstand the aggressive effects of groundwater.

All attractions will be mounted separately, in parallel with the completion of installation work and the erection of walls. They are manufactured exclusively by leading European manufacturers and will undergo mandatory certification and safety testing in accordance with modern international and Russian standards. Attractions in the park are designed for all age groups of visitors - both for the youngest guests of the park from 2 years old, both for teenagers and adults.

There will be unique and the most modern attractions in Dream Island park, which have never been presented in Russia. One of the first attractions of this level and the most exciting is the Dark Ride Coaster with incredible steep turns. Its trucks are able to rapidly accelerate and develop speeds of up to 80 km / h. The whole route of the hill is completely themed from the landing zone until the end of the fascinating trip. The world's leading developer and manufacturer of high-quality attractions for amusement parks - Intamin Amusement Rides (Liechtenstein) is engaged in the design and installation of the Coaster.

Also in the park will be presented unique media-attractions, designed for all age groups. Among them, the attraction "Flight into the world of dinosaurs" with unique video content developed especially for Dream Island park will become the largest one. The leading German amusement manufacturer – Huss Park Attractions GmbH, carries out the production of the attraction. The principle of its operation is based on the technology of "flying theater" - an exciting flight simulation. Visitors will completely immerse themselves in reality on the screen and embark on an exciting journey into the amazing world of dinosaurs.