Community Involvement

The REGIONS Group of Companies gives high priority to community involvement and supports various social projects.

JUNE retail and entertainment centers are doing charity work in their regions of presence, helping children in orphanages.

We provide support to:

  • Special (correctional) children's home (VII type) № 19 for children with developmental disabilities, Krasnogvardiysky district of St. Petersburg;
  • Special (correctional) children's home № 2 for children with disabilities, Krasnogvardiysky district of St. Petersburg;
  • children's home № 1, Krasnoyarsk;
  • Emelyanovskiy children's home, Krasnoyarsk region;
  • Esaulovsky children's home, Krasnoyarsk region;
  • MBOU "Special (correctional) children's home number 3";;
  • MBOU "Cherepovets municipal area "Sudsky children's home"

JUNE REC in Krasnoyarsk has carried out the “Wish Tree” charity campaign. During two summer months, an unusual tree adorned with drawings by children from orphanages “grows” at the JUNE REC. Every resident can buy a gift shown on a drawing and make a child’s dream come true!