"Soaring above the dinosaurs" will appear on the "Dream Island"

01 Nov 2016

Leading German developer and manufacturer of amusement rides with a worldwide reputation Huss Park Attractions GmbH and the Russian company "REGIONS-Entertainment" announced the signing of an agreement for the development and delivery of the first in Russia and Europe attraction " Soaring above the dinosaurs " to the theme park "Dream Island ", which will be opened in 2018 in Moscow.

The attraction "Soaring above the dinosaurs" will be designed specifically for the park "Dream Island" with the use of latest multimedia technologies and the most current Russian and European safety standards. Visitors will be able to explore an exciting journey and enjoy the flight along with the heroes of the park. According to developers, this attraction with a combination of smooth movement and the spectacular “flying over” experience in considerable heights will totally immerse its passengers into the multimedia film scenery. The attraction will appeal to all guests of the park.

The operating principle of "Soaring above the dinosaurs" is a truly immersive simulation of the journey (“flying theatre”) while visitors are sitting in their seats attached to the motion base, located in front of the huge spherical high-definition screen, on which landscapes follow each other according to scenario of the flight. Guests can visit the most unexpected and spectacular locations, without leaving the seats.

Similar attractions can be seen only in a few countries in the largest parks of the world, for instance in USA, Canada and China.

According to Amiran Mutsoev, the shareholder, member of the Board of Directors of REGIONS Group, "Soaring above the dinosaurs" is the international level attraction, which will be able to attract the most demanding visitors to the theme park "Dream Island".

Huss Park Attractions GmbH is a German company with a worldwide reputation to build high quality amusement rides. Approx. 800 high-tech and high-quality rides for amusement parks in different places all over the world have been created under the brand HUSS® since 1970.

Huss Park Attractions CEO Mirko J. Schulze commented: “Our Movie Base XS is an exciting new design for a “Soaring above the dinosaurs” and we are proud to deliver the first model of it to the “Dream Island” theme park to Russia. The Ride will create a perfect adventure for the whole family and we are sure it will be a big success for the park.”

"The attraction features suspended seats, located at a considerable height in front of a spherical screen design. With its dynamic movements the attraction creates the effect of total immersion into reality for visitors of the attraction, without using 3D-glasses or other devices. The motion base is able to perform complex movements in space, simulating the process of flight.", - said CEO of " REGIONS-Entertainment" Alexander Safonov.


Soaring above the dinosaurs