In the "Dream Island" park will be the largest in Moscow natural seed lawn

30 May 2018

Agronomists and designers of the "Dream Island " select a unique composition of lawn seeds for the largest natural lawn in Moscow - an area of ​​more than 230 thousand square meters. 

Create a lawn park "Dream Island" will begin at the end of this summer. It will include several types of herbs. These are varieties of bluegrass, varieties of fescue, pimples and ryegrass. The sowing of the lawn will be carried out in two stages - in the summer and early autumn of this year, and in the spring of 2019. In the near future, a special soil will be brought to the park. It will be prepared from fertile soil, sand, peat, mineral fertilizers and put into a layer of 20 centimeters. About 35 grams of seeds per square meter of soil. Thus, to sow the entire park, it will take more than 9,000 tons of seeds.

Lawns in the park "Dream Island " will be created by specialists without using roll analogues. First, this will allow making a natural surface throughout the landscape park. All lawns will be accessible to visitors, which will create a special atmosphere in the park. Townspeople and visitors to the "Island of Dreams" park will be able to organize picnics, go barefoot, play sports and simply enjoy nature on the natural emerald grass.

In the landscape park "Dream Island" the area of ​​lawns will be divided into several types:

- "Ground" lawn will be on open areas adjacent to the building, recreation areas and main avenues. It is characterized by a velvety, uniform green surface and requires the most thorough care.

- meadow lawn with flowering herbs will be on large open glades and under ornamental trees, which at the moment do not have large crowns. Its height will reach 20-30 cm, in addition, blossoming herbs will be planted on different levels, so that, regardless of the haircut, bloom is always observed.

- shady lawn will be in spaces under adult trees, the crowns of which create a shadow, and specially selected herbs will perfectly cope with shading and create a pleasant surface.

Now in the future park, the work on geo-plastics is completed, within which a unique landscape is created and the heights are adjusted, and the process of preparing the fertile layer and the formation of the micro relief begins - almost 70 cubic meters of contaminated soil has already been exported. For sowing lawn will be prepared 20 cm of fertile layer and a foundation under it so that over the years it does not require major repairs, but only agro technical measures. Preparing the soil for a lawn requires careful work, and sowing, cutting and shaping will take place in several stages - in the summer of 2018, in the spring of 2019.

According to the dendrological plan, not only new lawns will appear in the landscape park "Dream Island", in addition, more than 3 thousand new trees and more than 38,000 shrubs will be planted. In the park will appear spruce, fir, birch, maple, European larch, pine, red and petiolate oaks, white willow, mountain ash, bird cherry and apple. In the planting of the park will be used and shrubs: thuja, junipers, various varieties of turf, lilac, spiraea, roses, budlei, wagel, jasmine. All the plants will be selected taking into account climatic features of Moscow. Also in the park will be planted more than 50 thousand flowers, including tulips, daffodils, hazel grouses, lilies of the valley, crocuses and anemones.

The landscape park is spread over an area of ​​32 hectares. It provides walking alleys, gardens, fountains, playgrounds, a dance floor, an outdoor cinema and an amphitheater. Children's playgrounds will include play and sports zones, a sand zone for games, trampolines, spider webs, bike paths, and other infrastructure, including cafes and recreational areas. In addition, a special free-of-charge pleasure motor-train with stops along the route will be launched, which will be laid in the southern part of the park. The entire infrastructure of the park will be created on the principle of a barrier-free environment and will be accessible to the less mobile citizens.